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How to Find the Correct pool heater for above ground pool?

pool heater for above ground pool

Pool heater for above ground pool Selection

To help customers to select the right pool heater for above ground pool,  you need to understand their needs first. Collect some information, you can get the clues to recommend the most suitable pool heat pump to your customers based on their needs and budget. So what information we should collect before making suggestions. The first thing to know is what power of the pool heat pump could match the customer’s pool.

How To Find The Correct Pool Heat Pump

The basic information is the customer’s pool size, length, width, and average depth so that we could know how much heat the pool needs to be heated. Except for this, there are many other factors to consider which will affect the pool heater performance and the satisfaction of customers. INVERBOOST pool heater for above ground pool has the specification with suggested pool size information which could be a good reference.

Pool size is definitely an essential factor to determine the pool heat pump choice. There are other things we need to look at. Location is the first factor. It is important that the pool location’s average temperature majorly impact the calculation of the total heat required, which is the temperature difference between the unheated pool temperature and heated pool temperature as desired. You should make sure that based on the pool size, the pool heat pump could heat the pool to setting temperature, the pool heater is also able to make up for the possible heat loss caused for many reasons.

Knowing the user’s using habit could help you when you calculate the heat loss amount during the whole cycle. For example, some users like to swim in the afternoons. The pool heater for above ground pool has sufficient time to cover the heat lost overnight. While there are some pool owners who prefer swimming in the early morning, some used to have the exercise in the pool. If the heater does not run overnight in cooler conditions, in the morning the pool won’t be warm. It would be better if the heater has defrosting function, this allows the pool heat pump to work at low temperatures. INVERBOOST pool heater for above ground pool could work on cold days in winter.

Pool heater for above ground pool Selection

As we know, a heat pump extracts heat from ambient air, it will output less heat when air temperature turns cold. This should also be taken into account during the selection of the right size pool heater. Some pool owners may want to heat their spas as well as their pools with pool heat pumps. Usually, spas are used in the evening or at night when the air cools. Choosing a wärmepumpe pool to work as a spa heater, a bigger model is suggested. This makes rapid heating available for users. Finally, we need to consider the budget. Pool heat pumps have different efficiency. Higher efficiency models will be higher cost, but the investment is worth a long time use. The higher COP the unit, the more energy and cost will be saved. INVERBOOST pool heater for above ground pool is super energy efficient with COP up to 16, which is the best performance in the industry.

Finally, there is the budget. The efficiency of a pool heater for above ground pool varies widely. Typically, higher-efficiency models carry a higher price tag. It is usually worth the investment, as the purchase price is a one-time event, while the electric bills are a monthly expense. Keeping operating expenses to a minimum is important for most customers, so don’t forget to educate them on the long-term costs savings of purchasing a high-efficiency unit.

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