ALSAVO INVERPAC PX Pool Heat Pump 9-25kW for 10-120 Swim

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  • ASA cover
  • Anti-rust ASA + Aluminum
  • Inverter compressor
  • Twisted spiral titanium heat exchanger
  • Three heating modes are available
  • Super efficiency, C.O.P up to 16
  • R32 ECO-friendly refrigerant
  • Whisper quiet 39~45 dB(A)
  • Working temperature - 12 °C ~43°C
  • Auto-defrost
  • Built-in WIFI


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px pool heat pump


15+ years dedication on pool heat pumps.
focus makes perfection,Beyond all your expectations

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Able to work -12℃
Whisper silence
Energy saving
Built- in WiFi


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  • px pool heat pump winter

    Excellent weather resistance

    enjoy swimming in the whole year.

  • silent px pool heat pump

    Super silent running

    Whisper silence sound pressure down to 39 dB(A).

  • Built-in WiFi

    Control your pool heat pump.
    whenever and wherever through
    Alsavo app.

  • Energy saving

    Pay one get five, consumption C.O.P up to 16, save bills for you.

  • INVERBOOST Technlogy

    Turbo mode, faster heating with low energy cost.